Job Description:
The Electronic Data Technician performs scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on AN/UYK(V) and associated equipment. Supports Combat System alignment team, as required.
Completes all related maintenance forms, logs, and records.
The incumbent should be able to impart to PSNF designated personnel the unique characteristics of the position.
Education and Experience
High School (secondary school) graduate and completion of appropriate military or industrial training for the maintenance and repair of Advanced Data Processing Equipment including specific courses of instruction on the maintenance and repair of the AN/UYK-7(V) Computer and associated equipment. Certificates required.
Eight (8) years experience as an Data Processing Technician. Should have at least four (4) years experience in ULTRA 32 Language (MK92 FCS Program Language). Maintenance experience of at least six (6) years with the AN/UYK -7(v) Computer and the 0J-172 I/O Console (DEAC) is required. Must have in-depth experience with test equipment and fault isolation procedures including prints and flow diagrams. Should have experience with the operation and interface of MK92 FCS. Experience may be military or industrial.
Security Clearance:
U.S. confidential security clearance level will need to be obtained
Salary range:
40,000 to 50,000 (exempt to IRS limitations)
Tax free income, 30 day of vacation with pay plus 11 holidays, company provided medical, dental and life insurance, housing and transportation provided, annual travel allowance, contract completion bonus and end of service award payable upon completion of contract with the company
Jubail, Saudi Arabia