Job Description:
The Direct Technical Support Unit (DTSU) provides staff support to the Director, Technical Department and the Director, Engineering Support and Research Department. Within the DTSU, ten experienced naval engineers utilize their general engineering knowledge, their particular engineering background, and their managerial experience in the definition and the implementation of RSNF policy regarding ship acquisition, maintenance, modernization, and repair. Their work consists of developing staff solutions to problems and proposals including the preparation and coordination of implementing letters, directives and actions. The General Manger exercises administrative and quality control over all staff work prepared by these engineers. He may be required to operate Personal Computer for performing Word Processing, Spread Sheets, Database Management, Communication by modem (Fax, E-Mail) or by Network, and Graphical presentations.
Education and Experience
Baccalaureate degree in Mechanical or Electrical engineering. Higher qualification in an engineering discipline desirable.
Twenty-five years associated with the operation, construction and/or maintenance of naval ships. At least five of those years should have been involved with the maintenance, overhaul and modernization of ships at a repair facility. In addition, five years of the total requirement must have been served on major headquarters staffs or company offices in management positions related to naval ship maintenance or modernization. The incumbent must have the ability to manage a highly skilled and diversified staff. Computer knowledge and experience to satisfy the requirements of the Summary Statement is desirable.
Security Clearance:
U.S. confidential security clearance level will need to be obtained.
Salary range:
70,000 to 80,000 (exempt to IRS limitations)
Tax free income, 30 day of vacation with pay plus 11 holidays, company provided medical, dental and life insurance, housing and transportation provided, annual travel allowance, contract completion bonus and end of service award payable upon completion of contract with the company
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia