Location: Saudi Arabia
Salary Range:
Very Competitive
Tax Free Income, 30 day of vacation with pay plus other 11 holidays, Medical Insurance, Accommodation and Transportation free company provided, travel allowance, end of service award payable upon completion of contract with company (half month's salary).
Employment Type:
Full Time
F-15 TSP
Alsalam Aircraft Company - currently has a contract with the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) to provide F-15 support. We provide Technical Support to all bases. Our task is to train, assist, and actively advise the RSAF in the accomplishment of Organizational and Intermediate Level maintenance. This training is accomplished using a combination of English language training (basic and technical terminology), formal classroom instruction and Structured On-The-Job-Training. The objective of training is to provide the necessary skills to independently maintain the RSAF F-15, at the Organizational Level of maintenance.
We are expanding this to include Back Shop.
Task & Responsibility:
• Develop and evaluate course material and curriculum for Air Intelligence Enlisted and Officer Training Courses.
• Teach Air Intelligence Targeting Training courses in accordance with proper teaching methods.
• Assist in the implementation, evaluation, and revision of RSAF Specialty Awarding training & education programs.
• Inform RSAF on day-to-day status of any instructional system development problems that occur.
• Analyzes RSAF instructional systems reports and provide comments and proposed solution to potential problem.
• Provide analysis and recommended solutions for intelligence related issues as requested by the Air Intelligence Directorate.
Skills & Experience:
• Must have at least eight (8) years of experience as an US Air Force member, five of which were in the intelligence career field.
• Preferred candidate will have some experience in Middle East/Southwest Asia region of the world.
• Candidate must have served at least one tour of duty as an intelligence officer at a flying unit with responsibility for targeting or weaponeering.
• Candidate preferred who has performed several of the following jobs: aircrew training, creating current intelligence briefings, exercise support such as scripting, intelligence support to mission planning, on-the-job (OJT) trainer for other intelligence personnel, intelligence systems support.
• Candidate must have served at least one tour of duty at a headquarters level targeting/weaponeering assignment.
• Must have performed any combination of the following jobs: intelligence research and analysis, briefing support, on-the-job (OJT) training, exercise support, exercise participation, systems support, project management (such as procurement and installation of equipment).
• It is desirable that, in addition to the required experience described above, candidate should have specialized experience and/or training in target intelligence, collection management, indications and warning, and/or imagery interpretation.
• It is highly desirable that candidates have experience as an instructor at an intelligence school and that candidates have completed Air Force instructor training school and curriculum development courses.
• It is required that the candidate be familiar with office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access.