Saudi Arabia
Salary Range:
Very Competitive
Tax Free Income, 30 day of vacation with pay plus other 11 holidays, Medical Insurance, Accommodation and Transportation free company provided, travel allowance, end of service award payable upon completion of contract with company (half month's salary).
Employment Type:
Full Time
Alsalam Aircraft Company - currently has a contract with the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) to provide C-130 support. We provide Technical Support to all bases. Our task is to train, assist, and actively advise the RSAF in the accomplishment of Organizational and Intermediate Level maintenance. This training is accomplished using a combination of English language training (basic and technical terminology), formal classroom instruction and Structured On-The-Job-Training. The objective of training is to provide the necessary skills to independently maintain the RSAF C-130 at the Organizational Level of maintenance.
We are expanding this to include Back Shop.
Duties And Responsibilities:
• Reports operationally to the RSAF flying unit commander. Reports administratively to the Chief Pilot/Flight Operations Manager.
• Performs aircrew duties as instructor or basic C-130 navigator in accordance with RSAF directives.
• Performs as a classroom and flight instructor in initial, upgrade, and continuation training.
• Accomplishes or supervises the accomplishment of all pre-mission, in-flight, and post mission requirements including mission planning, briefings, aircraft inspections, clearances, and computation of air release points for airdrops on tactical missions.
• Develops and administers instructional programs, examinations, manuals, regulations, plans and other pertinent materials. Analyzes and evaluates aircrew training programs and navigational systems and procedures.
• Ensures compliance with safety and flying regulations and that all required documentation is properly accomplished.
• Performs other operational and training related tasks as directed.
Graduation from an approved Navigator Training Course and an aircrew instructor training course are mandatory. Must possess instructor-level knowledge in the following areas: navigation systems including inertial navigation systems, OMEGA, radio navigation and radar; navigation procedures appropriate to C-130 aircraft operations; all aspects of preflight planning, fuel planning, foreign clearance, entry procedures, flight planning documents, enroute procedures, and monitoring of inflight progress; tactical air delivery of personnel, CDS, and heavy equipment; meteorology, flight rules, regulations, and procedures; training techniques, and the use of audio-visual training aids and training systems. Knowledge of Current Operations, mobility, dispersal, deployment, and other base or wing-level planning is desirable. Knowledge of curriculum development and IBM-compatible computer operations are desirable.
A minimum of 1500 hours of flying time as a navigator; 1000 hours of which must be in C-130 "E" or "H" model aircraft, and 500 hours as an instructor navigator. Must have practical experience in the C-130 aircraft within the past two (2) years.