Saudi Arabia
Salary Range:
Very Competitive
Compensation package includes: Eligible Tax Free Income, End of Service Cash Awards, Free Housing, Transportation, Medical, Dental & Vision Plan and FREE Schooling for Dependent Children.
Employment Type:
Full Time
F-15 TSP
F15 C/E Weapons School Graduates
Alsalam aircraft (a Boeing affiliate) is seeking F-15 C&E aviators & intelligence officers who are weapons school graduates to mentor current Royal Saudi Air Force weapons school students and assist in expanding their current program. This is a unique international opportunity for officers who are starting/seeking a second career, we offer:
• Generous Compensation Package
• Secure Outstanding Accommodations
• Excellent Working Environment
• Various Bonus Options
• 30 Days Annual Vacation With Pay ++
• 11 Paid Holidays
• Accompanied And Unaccompanied Tours
Specialty Summary: Inspects, installs, troubleshoots, repairs, overhauls, and modifies aircraft pneumatic and hydraulic systems and associated support equipment; supervises aircraft pneudraulic system maintenance activities.
Duties And Responsibilities:
• Advises On Technical Problems Of Installation, Modification, And Repair Of Aircraft Pneumatic And Hydraulic Systems:
- Determines and follows proper maintenance and repair procedures and minimum requirements pertaining to parts substitution, clearances and tolerances and performance characteristics of pneumatic and hydraulic systems and pneumatic and hydraulic ground equipment.
- Solves installation and maintenance problems by studying layout drawings, wiring diagrams, schematic diagrams and analyzing construction and operating repair procedures.
- Diagnoses recurring malfunctions and recommends corrective action by initiation of Material Deficiency Reports or other appropriate means.
- Devises maintenance and operating procedures and recommends changes required to facilitate full utilization of personnel and equipment.
• Installs, Repairs, Overhauls And Modifies Aircraft Pneumatic And Hydraulic Systems And Pneumatic And Hydraulic Ground Equipment:
- Diagnoses malfunctions, using applicable technical publications and test equipment, such as dial indicators, feeler gauges and micrometers.
- Performs repair of aircraft in-flight refueling, pneumatic and hydraulic systems and components and support equipment.
- Reassembles component parts, makes internal adjustments and inserts or removes shims to maintain close tolerance and fits of pump gears, bushings, and cams
- Installs new or modified parts to eliminate internal leakage.
- Repairs and assembles aircraft brake assemblies.
- Tests equipment and pneumatic or hydraulic subassemblies of support equipment on test stand for leakage, output, pressure, adjustment, volume regulation, and freedom of operation.
- Tests equipment for serviceability.
- Performs corrosion control.
• Supervises Aircraft Pneudraulic Systems Maintenance Personnel:
- Plans and schedules work assignments.
- Establishes work methods, production controls and performance standards.
- Assigns maintenance tasks to subordinates and establishes priorities for work accomplishment.
- Evaluates work performed in shop in terms of quality, quantity, compliance with directives, policies and work standards.
- Orients newly assigned personnel and assigns individuals to tasks.
- Conducts on-the-job training.
• Implements OJT to include development of Job proficiency Guides (JPGs), correct use of training forms, procedures and record keeping.
• Indoctrinates newly assigned personnel in local operating procedures, methods and regulations.
• Evaluates adequacy of OJT and recommends formal training for selected individuals.
Basic Requirements For All Instructors/Trainers:
• Must have been to a USAF or RSAF equivalent technical training school and awarded a USAF or RSAF AFSC in the field being instructed.
• Must have 5 years minimum experience in the career field.
• Must be able to speak and comprehend English to the required ECL score level for the AFSC.
• Must have thorough knowledge of USAF training standards and training forms.
• Will perform training in the job areas noted on the job description sheet while ensuring all core tasks are fully covered, and the students are fully qualified.
• Will develop individual training plans for each AFSC.