W013 F-15 TSP - Electric/Environmental Component System Maintenance Instructor
Saudi Arabia
Salary Range:
Very Competitive
Tax Free Income, 30 day of vacation with pay plus other 11 holidays, Medical Insurance, Accommodation and Transportation free company provided, travel allowance, end of service award payable upon completion of contract with company (half month's salary).
Employment Type:
Full Time
F-15 TSP
Alsalam Aircraft Company - currently has a contract with the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) to provide F-15 support. We provide Technical Support to all bases. Our task is to train, assist, and actively advise the RSAF in the accomplishment of Organizational and Intermediate Level maintenance. This training is accomplished using a combination of English language training (basic and technical terminology), formal classroom instruction and Structured On-The-Job-Training. The objective of training is to provide the necessary skills to independently maintain the RSAF F-15, at the Organizational Level of maintenance.
We are expanding this to include Back Shop Training which includes the following AFSC's:
Aircraft Electrical And Environmental Systems Maintenance
• Specialty Summary: Performs and supervises aircraft electrical and environmental (E&E) functions activities. Troubleshoots, inspects, removes, installs, repairs, modifies, overhauls and operates aircraft systems, components and associated support equipment.
Duties And Responsibilities:
• Inspects, Troubleshoots And Maintains Aircraft E&E Systems And Associated Equipment:
• Inspects, troubleshoots and maintains aircraft E&E systems and components to include direct and alternating current power systems, landing gear, ignition, lighting, anti-skid and nose wheel steering systems; electronics engine controls; turbine drive engine starters; master caution and warning panels; take off warning, flight controls, fire and overheat warning, fuel control and liquid cooling, air conditioning, cabin pressurization and aircraft oxygen systems.
• Inspects for and treats corrosion.
• Installs, tests, modifies, repairs and overhauls Aircraft E&E systems, components and test equipment:
- Installs, tests, modifies, repairs and overhauls aircraft electrical and solid state voltage regulators; control, protection, caution and warning panels; frequency and load controllers and anti-icing controllers; static and rotary inverters; nose wheel steering and anti-skid amplifiers; generators; actuators; relays; lighting equipment; fire detectors; motors and special equipment testers.
- Performs maintenance on mobile cryogenics servicing containers.
- Replaces, fabricates and modifies electrical wiring and connectors.
- Uses electrical, electronic and pneumatic meters and test equipment.
- Services, overhauls and recharges life rafts inflation equipment.
• Inspects And Evaluates Aircraft E&E Systems Maintenance Activities:
- Inspects aircraft E&E equipment, associated electronic components and test equipment to determine operational status.
- Interprets inspection findings and determines corrective actions.
- Checks and reviews installed and repaired components.
• Supervises Aircraft E&E Systems Maintenance Personnel:
- Plans and schedules work assignments.
- Establishes work methods, production controls and performance standards.
- Ensures availability of required maintenance equipment, tools and spare parts.
- Orients newly assigned personnel and assigns individuals to unit positions,
- Conducts on-the-job training,
• Implements OJT to include development of Job proficiency Guides (JPGs), correct use of training forms, procedures and record keeping.
• Indoctrinates newly assigned personnel in local operating procedures, methods and regulations.
• Evaluates adequacy of OJT and recommends formal training for selected individuals.
Basic Requirements For All Instructors/Trainers:
• Must have been to a USAF or RSAF equivalent technical training school and awarded a USAF or RSAF AFSC in the field being instructed.
• Must have 5 years minimum experience in the career field.
• Must be able to speak and comprehend English to the required ECL score level for the AFSC.
• Must have thorough knowledge of USAF training standards and training forms.
• Will perform training in the job areas noted on the job description sheet while ensuring all core tasks are fully covered, and the students are fully qualified.
• Will develop individual training plans for each AFSC.