Saudi Arabia
Salary Range:
Very Competitive
Compensation package includes: Eligible Tax Free Income, End of Service Cash Awards, Free Housing, Transportation, Medical, Dental & Vision Plan and FREE Schooling for Dependent Children.
Employment Type:
Full Time
F-15 TSP
F15 C/E Weapons School Graduates
Alsalam aircraft (a Boeing affiliate) is seeking F-15 C & E aviators & intelligence officers who are weapons school graduates to mentor current Royal Saudi Air Force weapons school students and assist in expanding their current program. This is a unique international opportunity for officers who are starting/seeking a second career, we offer:
• Generous Compensation Package
• Secure Outstanding Accommodations
• Excellent Working Environment
• Various Bonus Options
• 30 Days Annual Vacation With Pay ++
• 11 Paid Holidays
• Accompanied And Unaccompanied Tours
• Solves maintenance problems by studying layout drawings, diagrams, blueprints and wiring and schematic diagrams and analyzing construction and operating characteristics of jet engines, including small gas turbine engines.
- Determines repair procedures necessary to correct defective equipment.
- Interprets installation and maintenance policies and procedures related to jet engine repair.
- Diagnoses recurring malfunctions and recommends corrective action by initiation of material deficiency reports or by other appropriate means.
- Devises new maintenance and operating procedures and recommends revised policy to facilitate full utilization of personnel and equipment.
• Removes, installs, inspects, repairs and modifies jet engines, including small gas turbine engines:
- Diagnoses malfunctions using technical publications and performs repair.
- Determines extent of disassembly necessary to repair or replace engine parts.
- Inspects engine components using visual inspection methods. Analyzes inspection findings to determine extent of repair.
- Repairs engines by replacing parts and removing defects such as nicks, dents, scratches and burrs.
- Assembles engines, adhering to prescribed procedures, torque values, safety methods and clearances.
- Modifies engines according to technical directives.
- Removes and installs engine quick change kit.
- Prepares engine for installation and installs in aircraft.
- Makes repairs to internal turbines.
- Conducts tests of repaired components using bench mockups and related test equipment.
- Adjusts, aligns and calibrates jet engines and their components to achieve maximum operating efficiency consistent with design characteristics.
• Performs and supervises test stand functions on aircraft jet, turbo jet and turbo fan engines:
- Performs test functions by placing engines on test stands and installing test equipment and making necessary connections.
- Performs pre-operational and post-operational checks.
- Operates engine and performs engine tests according to applicable directives and records test data on log sheet.
- Determines engine performance by computing engine thrust, specific fuel consumption, engine RPM and exhaust gas temperature.
- Evaluates engine performance and accepts or rejects engine.
- Removes engines from test stand and prepares them for installation or storage.
- Accomplishes operator maintenance on test stand.
- Observes and ensures compliance with established safety procedures.
• Inspects jet engines and related equipment:
- Inspects jet engines to determine operational status.
- Interprets inspection findings and determines adequacy of corrective action.
- Inspects installed and repaired jet engines and components with technical publications.
• Supervises jet engine maintenance personnel:
- Establishes work methods, production controls and performance standards.
- Plans and schedules work assignments and establishes priorities for accomplishing work.
- Ensures maintenance equipment, tools, parts and test equipment are available.
- Ensures assigned support equipment is serviceable.
- Initiates and reviews maintenance data records.
- Assigns repair and maintenance functions to subordinates and evaluates their performance in terms of compliance with operational policies, maintenance procedures and technical orders.
- Conducts or supervises on-the-job training programs and instructs subordinates in maintenance techniques.
• Implements OJT to include development of Job proficiency Guides (JPGs), correct use of training forms, procedures and record keeping.
• Indoctrinates newly assigned personnel in local operating procedures, methods and regulations.
• Evaluates adequacy of OJT and recommends formal training for selected individuals.
- Rotates assignment of jet engine mechanics on various maintenance tasks to ensure opportunity for full qualification and to improve utility of assigned airmen.
- Reviews training status to determine level of qualification achieved by individuals and units.
• Knowledge: Knowledge of mechanical principles that apply to jet engines, principles of oil analysis, wear metal criteria and guidelines; concepts and application of RSAFM 66 series and supporting publications, use and interpretation of wiring diagrams, blueprints and technical publications is mandatory.
• Education: USAF/RSAF or equivalent technical training courses.
• Experience: 5-8 years experience in the career field.
• Training:
Completion of a basic jet engine maintenance course is mandatory.
• Other:
Normal color vision is mandatory.