Senior Contracts Administrator
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Salary Range:
Based on experience and training
Tax Free Income, 30 day of vacation with pay plus other 11 holidays, Medical Insurance, Accommodation and Transportation free company provided, round trip ticket, end of service award payable upon completion of contract with company (half month's salary).
Employment Type:
Full Time
Job Summary:
To direct and control the provision of effective legal services to the company and to provide legal advice to managers and staff.
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Performing full range contracts administration, monitoring customers, suppliers and company contractual compliance through contract closeout.
• Marinating files in assigned areas of responsibility.
• Taking action to remind requirements activity of expiring agreements, leases or contracts with appropriate lead time for business decision action regarding changing requirements, contractors, completion, etc. following up with appropriate action.
• Responsible for the establishment, negotiation and administrative management of wide range of business commitments and agreements from initiation of acquisition to closure and final settlement. This includes, commercial, government, and US government contracts "FMS".
• Drafting documents, supporting or advising the Contracts Manager or Contract Director and documenting the contract file regarding corporate contract decisions. Insuring appropriate documentation is secured and available for follow-on activities on that and future related agreements.
• Assuring appropriate reviews and approval processes are accomplished; recommending contract or other action approvals.
• Reviewing contract related correspondence, distributing and requesting action as appropriate. Providing contract interpretation advice to Contracts Manager, contracts Director and other management personnel as required in the area of assigned responsibility.
• Obtaining, as required, risk management, legal and financial advice as reasonably required in the various stages of acquisition and execution of contracts and other agreements.
• Must Have a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration
• A minimum of three (3) years in contract administration. Working with Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA), DOD, Security Assistance Policy and Procedure (SAPP) and Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM), and Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)